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In today’s multimedia call centers, forecasting, staffing, schedule adherence, and results reporting must encompass more than the traditional activities. To perform at an exceptional level, the focus must be on performance optimization across all media that you manage for both quantitative and qualitative improvement. The Call Center Consulting Group has extensive experience in enhancing existing workforce processes.

• Enhancing Current Processes
Best Practices in forecasting, scheduling, adherence and intraday management can improve your operating results as well as employee morale. A large insurance company realized an 11% increase in staff productivity by implementing a consistent and standardized real time adherence process. The workforce process has many elements that can impact an accurate forecast, an efficient schedule, and an effective adherence plan. Whether you use one of the workforce management applications or an Excel spreadsheet, we can identify and recommend improvements which will enable you to move to exceptional levels of performance.

• Call Simulation
Many call centers have successfully used call simulation to model the impact that various changes in technology, skills configurations, and other variables would make in their operation and the caller experience. These tools can also assist in developing long term staff plans and annual budgeting scenarios. We can assist you in identifying the value this tool will bring to your operation and the vendors who can support your needs.

• Workforce Education
Workforce management is very often misunderstood by senior managers, front line supervision, and even CSR’s. We have created successful training programs for every level of a business. We can target the information you require for a specific audience to improve their understanding of the workforce management process, its components, and the importance of the process to their success.

• Results Reporting
Learn how to report results that will help you better understand the contribution of people, teams and sites in single or multi-site environments. Understand how native ACD and workforce data elements can be used to create trends that assist managers in capacity planning. See how customizing existing reports can provide you a greater insight into your people’s daily performance.

• New Workforce Users/ New Workforce Application
If your need is to design a new system and select the best vendor, we can offer our experience in building your requirements, developing an RFP, selecting the vendors, evaluating the responses, and successfully implementing your new application. We can also assist with the training and mentoring of your staff. If your needs don’t require a complex application, we can assist in using some readily available tools to better understand your call volumes and staffing needs.