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Your technology platform can be very simple or complex; single or multi-media; based on your site or hosted at a vendor site; integrated or stand alone; home-grown or industry standard. Or, you may not yet have invested in more then an ACD to support your operation. Each level of technology infrastructure needs to ensure it is meeting your expectations for efficiency and effectiveness from a cost and client perspective.

• Infrastructure Assessment
The Call Center Consulting Group can assess the adequacy of your existing network or on-site technology platforms and identify the value that would be realized by optimizing or upgrading the existing infrastructure. We can also identify the value of using additional technologies which will support your business and client’s needs.

• VOIP-Voice Over Internet Protocol
This emerging technology has provided many users with reduced infrastructure costs, simplified administration, and improved deployment options. We can bring unique understanding of how this emerging technology, for carrying both voice and data traffic on the same network, can provide improved operational and financial benefits to you. We can also assist in the development of your telephony requirements, RFP development, response assessment, vendor selection, and system implementation.

• ACD Configuration
We can review how you use the basic and advanced features in your ACD. We can help optimize your use of skills, messaging, and announcements which can improve the caller experience and simplify your management of the technology. Learn how better use of your ACD Management Information reporting capability can improve your real time management ability and enhance your reporting effectiveness.

• Voice Response Unit
Learn the Best Practices for using VRU technology to minimize customer frustration and increase their willingness to use your application. Including speech recognition systems in your VRU application can increase caller participation rates when effective call flows are used. We can provide design and implementation support for your applications. We can also assist you in evaluating vendor choices, including RFP preparation, response assessment, vendor selection, and system implementation.

• Hosted Call Center Applications
Would you like to adopt additional technologies but can not build a business case for outright purchase? A hosted solution may enable you to bring efficiencies into your operation without spending capital dollars. We can identify the operational improvement you would realize with the additional functionality. We can also assess vendor alternatives, and manage the RFP, vendor selection and implementation process.

• Home Agent
More call centers are using work-at-home agents for employee retention, cost savings, and business continuity benefits. We can assess your potential for using work-at-home agents and identify the best applications for your environment. We can also build an effective project plan which covers all the aspects of a successful implementation.