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Creating a franchised customer contact experience with multiple sites creates a challenge for even the best managers. Establishing and tracking consistency is the key ingredient for moving to exceptional performance in a virtual environment. Learn how to create and maintain a successful virtual environment. Whether adding sites or consolidating sites, there are many tasks that are essential for a successful operation.

• Technology Infrastructure and Optimization
We have had experience with virtual call center technology design, assessment, implementation, and optimization. A typical virtual routing technology has many dependencies for optimum call routing. Learn how configuring your operation as one call center with multiple sites can improve your customer response and reduce operating costs. If you already have a virtual routing technology, we can examine your current infrastructure for efficiency and effectiveness and identify where configuration, technology, process, or other changes will improve the results of your routing plans.

• Cultural Transformation
The organizational and cultural aspects of a virtual environment are also key ingredients to operational success. Learn how to create a single organization focus for the people and processes in each of your sites.

• Management Information Reporting
For peak performance, it is important to understand the contribution of each team and site as well as the overall organizational performance. We can identify the metrics which will best communicate the results you need to know. The reporting frequency and content are equally important elements of your performance communications plan.

• Site Evaluation
When expanding to additional sites or consolidating existing sites, there are many variables in the decision. Among the decision factors are-labor availability, the cost of labor, real estate rates, tax structures, state and local incentives, technology infrastructure, and transportation facilities. Learn how to assess the candidate locations for these variables as well as considerations that are important to your mission. We can help ensure that your decision will provide the operational and budgetary results that are expected.

• New Location Negotiations/Preparations
We can extend our support in your site expansion efforts by assisting in the incentive negotiation process as well as real estate selection and site preparation. Let us show you how our experience has assisted other clients in facilitating their new site implementation efforts.