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Mentoring is a process to identify specific skills a person or group of people needs to move to the next level of performance and then developing a skill transfer plan. The Call Center Consulting Group can assist call center managers in several ways with mentoring.

A new call center may require mentoring or direct supervision for the management staff while they ramp up the new operation. This can include recruiting, screening, and hiring the front line employees; developing coaching and management skills; understanding the role and importance of the workforce management process; intra day event management; and other vital skills important for a successful operation.

Many call centers have employees who are contributing at their best ability for their skill level. These employees have the potential to contribute at higher levels of productivity and quality with some focused development. An individual mentoring program typically consists of a series of knowledge transfer sessions with interim work assignments.

The typical process would consist of the following activities:

• Identify desired skill set

• Assessment of current skills

• Agreement on mentoring program plan

• Knowledge transfer sessions typically _ day to one day

• Interim work assignments

• Skill competency demonstration exercises

The specific support would be determined by your desired results. If you believe that mentoring would assist in the development of your staff, contact us to learn more about how a program can be developed to reach your desired performance goals.