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Today’s technology enables you to access overwhelming amounts of data which identifies individual, site, technology and business results. When dealing with multiple contact media, it becomes important to more clearly understand the productivity and trends from each organizational element and enabling technology.

The Call Center Consulting Group has helped call center managers collect, assess, and manage metrics that clearly portray the actual customer experience, the operational efficiencies for people, sites, and technologies, and track the trends which impact your success. Learn how to create reports that convey needed information for yourself and others such as senior management, staff management, supervisors as well as front line CSR’s.

• Performance Metrics
Understand what metrics are most useful for different media types and operational environments. Learn what additional metrics compliment traditional measures such as Occupancy, Service Level, ASA, and Abandon to portray a greater insight into your clients actual contact experience. In addition to traditional call metrics, integrating data elements from supporting technologies such as workforce management, VRU, or quality call recording can provide a more holistic perspective of performance by individual, team, site, and the total call center enterprise. We can also help in developing custom metrics which convey the results for specific organizational needs.

• Performance Reporting
You have a lot of choices for reporting your performance on a real time or historical basis. Many vendors provide real time, historical, and integrated reporting capability. We can help you understand what reporting frequency and output media will enable your staff to keep the operation on target. You may also realize better management results with customized reports from your technology vendor. In a virtual environment, reporting is more critical since the results from each site and each team need to be compared with other sites and teams.

• Balanced Scorecards
Today’s employees handle multiple contact types, each with distinct handle times and fulfillment requirements. See how a balanced scorecard can reflect the true contribution of your staff. The Call Center Consulting Group can develop a balanced scorecard which reflects the contribution of individuals, teams, and sites for the performance criteria that are important to the caller and your fulfillment obligations.