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The staff costs for an average contact center accounts for upwards of 75% of the operating budget. This underscores the importance of maximizing the contribution of each employee in your center. Very successful call centers consider the contribution of their entire staff- front line CSR’s, the supervisory staff, workforce staff, and other’s that impact your center operation.

Contribution is both the productivity of your staff, the quality of their work, and how their efforts improve the caller experience or operational performance. The ability of each person to contribute depends on the process used to identify their level of contribution as well as the options available to enable them to improve their skills.

• Performance Management
Learn how the right performance metrics can enable you to better understand the contribution of your people as well as the client contact experience. Understand how highly effective contact centers blend quality and productivity measures to create balanced scorecards for a more accurate reflection of each employees contribution. We can help apply the balanced scorecard principles to your frontline and support staff.

• Multiskill/Muiltimedia
When people support multiple call types or media, the performance measures must reflect the contribution of the of each distinct work type. This will enable you to more accurately evaluate your staff for productivity contribution, compensation, and coaching needs.

• Coaching
Would your clients agree with the criteria you use for coaching your staff? Do the results lead to higher levels of employee quality and productivity? Are you coaching on your email and web chat contacts? Let The Call Center Consulting Group review your current process and determine where opportunities exist to enhance employee contribution and your management of the process.

• New Hire Management
The average cost of bringing an employee into your workforce is about $8,000. This underscores the importance of effective recruiting, interviewing, training, and tracking strategies. We can provide insight and recommendations for enhancing your current process.