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An effective Business Continuity plan is designed to insulate your call center capacity from the spectrum of incidents your business can face. An effective plan will ensure you can respond to the contact needs of your clients during short term outages as well as more prolonged business interruptions. Without such an effective plan, you may be required to make many decisions without complete information. An Opinion Research Corporation survey, conducted in 2005, found that 65% of the respondents who had experienced a disaster also experienced a daily loss of business ranging from less than $100,000 up to $500,000.

Learn how our Business Continuity assessment process can validate and enhance your existing plans or can build a new plan based on your operational requirements. To build an effective plan, we evaluate the required components and their current state of readiness.

• Client Contact Inventory
Understand the total required workload for a given day based on the types of contact, Service Levels, Average Handle Time, and delay tolerance.

• Event Based Impact Modeling
Learn how enhancing your current forecasting process can identify the staff requirements in different interruption or call escalation scenarios.

• Contingency Staff Resource Plans
Translate your call handling requirements for each type of event into a prioritized staff resource plan, using both internal and external sources.

• Logistic Planning
Understand all the interdependent parts of a Business Continuity plan and the steps necessary to ensure that your clients contact expectations are fulfilled.

• Event Communications Plan
What are the notifications necessary to ensure your plan is implemented as designed? What notifications are needed for clients? Learn how to build an effective implementation process that ensures all participants understand their roles and response times.

• Technology Plan
Can your current infrastructure handle a significant surge in call volume? Understand the options available to you and how to cost-effectively implement an architecture that will meet your requirements.

• The “Test Flight”
See how to periodically test your plan to ensure the response you require is actually implemented.