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Do any of these questions seem familiar? We have assisted clients who have struggled with these issues and provided successful recommendations.

How can I staff for call surges when one of my sites may close or many people won’t make it in?
Mr. Spearrin has developed and implemented a business continuity plan which enabled a call center user to manage call surges up to 400%. A key component of this plan is a process known as event based forecasting which enables call center managers to more accurately identify the calling impact of different types of events. His plan and process has been tried and proven during eight major weather events in 2004 and 2005.

How can I get more call handling efficiency from my exiting staff?
In several engagements, Mr. Spearrin has been able to identify more efficient skill routing designs which increased call center capacity without additional staff. For one client, this improvement meant an 18% increase in call handling capacity.

Why do we have calls in queue in Atlanta and CSR’s sitting available in Chicago?
Virtual routing technologies have many moving parts. Some of the components are technology and some are organizational. Mr. Spearrin has worked six years to document the requirements of an effective virtual call routing application. In one case, the improvements he made resulted in call routing efficiency that exceeded 95%.

How can I improve the schedule adherence in my center so I get better productivity from my existing staff?
Adherence to schedule is a work ethic that each CSR can control. It is also a behavior that has proven to add up to 11% in increased call handling capacity when implemented correctly. Mr. Spearrin has worked with call centers to develop educational, tracking, and incentive processes which have improved employee morale and contribution to the call handling capacity.

How can I integrate performance information for all my people and technologies to minimize the number of reports I get, but improve the information I see?
While managing the technology infrastructure for a large insurance company, Mr. Spearrin developed and implemented an Enterprise Call Center Database which aggregated performance metrics across 11 call centers and five supporting technologies. This permitted very unique balanced scorecards, technology performance monitoring, and custom calculations and reporting to meet specific business unit requirements.